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Free BJJ Week

22 September 2020
Free BJJ Week

  Come to the academy to learn about the art of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu - BJJ, you will have a week of practice free. For the first lesson you will have...

Bergamo TV - Profile

17 October 2021
Bergamo TV - Profile

Bergamo TV's Profili broadcast talks about Massimiliano Sbergia, Gray Wolf and his Brasiian Jiu Jitsu   Parte 1 Parte 2

RTL 102.5 - Massimiliano Sbergia & BJJ with BOPE

17 October 2021
RTL 102.5 - Massimiliano Sbergia & BJJ with BOPE

RTL 102.5 - Massimiliano Sbergia e il BJJ col BOPE

Camp Bjj

08 February 2022
Camp Bjj

CAMP - BJJ - FARMHOUSE GRIPPI This year we decided to start to have fun and relax at the farmhouse GRIPPI and make 4 days of healthy BJJ with a...


WEIGHT: if the weight is in excess there will be a decrease in fat mass and an increase in lean mass (muscle) goes de s that if you are under weight it will increase muscle mass only, a tendency to balance.



2 SICUREZZA : SAFETY: the BJJ is the art par excellence of self-defense, built to give its practitioners the ability to deal with physically stronger aggressors in melee. After more than eighty years of street fighting, sportsmen, in public and private security forces, the GJJ has proved its effectiveness now to the whole world.

MIND: having the possibility to defend oneself in every situation of aggression, knowing how to dominate one's own instinctive reactions and managing to control one's aggressor without bloody methods by giving practitioners an emotional TRANQUILITY and GREATER ESTIMATE IN HIMSELF and even in cases of excessive aggression the emotional discharge of the GJJ allows to obtain a better BALANCE by making the Jitsuka MARITI or MOGLI, COMPAGNI E, FIGLI E, FRIENDS AND THEREFORE MEN or BEST WOMEN.

Kyra Gracie World Champion
Physical Form and Femininity

STRESS: A recent study confirms that the way people react to daily stress can have a long-term influence on their health, also contributing to the development of chronic pain. It is well known that stresses - or better, hyper-reactivity to certain stresses - are harmful to human health. But what is the influence of ordinary ordinary stressors such as arguing with a family member, failing a test or failing to meet a work deadline? Observation-based studies indicate that exposure to these events is associated with changes in the cardiovascular, immune and neuroendocrine systems. (STRESS OF DAILY LIFE AND CHRONIC PAIN Piazza, Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 2012)

the BJJ has another very important aspect that can identify it as a DYNAMIC meditation, one of the cornerstones of meditative techniques is to focus attention on one's body-mind and especially in the PRESENT MOMENT. During the fight the GJJ practitioner is forced to implement all his mental and attention resources to control the adversary, both attacking and defending himself, naturally paying attention to the present moment only. This is why the BJJ's ANTI-STRESS effect is unbeatable, combined with physical effort.

5 PHYSICAL FORM: recent studies in the field of training and rehabilitation show that a job with sustained intensity creates extremely positive physiological and training responses, certainly better than long-duration and low-intensity training, also achieving an important effect on fat mass and the cardio-vascular condition that was considered possible only by aerobic training (generally medium low intensity and long duration) all with the advantages of this type of training: Toning and tropism of muscle mass Saving and strengthening of muscle structures articular Cardio-Vascular conditioning Hormonal adaptation response that keeps the body young and efficient Mental stimulation and increased vascular capacity for the brain with positive effects on the brain's functions.

Free Week - BJJ

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You can practice Brasilian Jiu Jitsu - BJJ every day from Monday to Saturday. You have access to the Cardio, Fitness area and the hall weights every day from 6 to 24


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